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Tuesday, February 3

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John Wayne once said, "Courage is being scared to death--but saddling up anyway."

Now, I'm not planning on riding a horse anytime soon (in fact, I'm terrified of those huge things). But, I think Wayne has a great point-- and I think it's a great start.

I've never had a great blog, or any great hobbies to blog about. I've always been a dedicated student; Usually, that left me without much room for hobbies. But I'm starting to learn that "down time" is just as important as a high GPA (if not more so), and I'm ready to find out more about things I like (instead of just things a syllabus says I should know).

I'm going to make a really hard, from-scratch dinner. I'm going to knit a hat (that actually fits someone). I'm going to learn a new language, to travel to new countries, to love in new, big ways. And I'm going to share my adventures here.

First, I just wanted to say hello :)



duodishes on February 6, 2009 at 5:18 PM said...

Well HEY THERE! And welcome. We're new bloggers too. You'll see. Once you start, it's like riding a bike...

Anonymous said...

Hello from Hong Kong. You're profile came up Chinese over here. I'll mail a screen shot to you!

Anonymous said...

Tom loves your cookies : ).

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