March Madness: A Post of Excuses

Friday, March 12

I know.

All that talk about coming back strong for 2010, and I barely lasted a full two months.

But don't worry! I've come armed with excuses. 

1. Matt got a new job! He was on the job hunt for a bit, meeting and interviewing and all kinds of stuff, and now he's a financial planner for Lifetime Asset Management here in Raleigh. Go Matt!

2. We moved!... Kinda.See... our apartment lease was up, but Matt was still in the middle of the job search.  He had two possibilities- one in Cary, and one in Raleigh.  So... we really didn't know where to move.  So, instead of moving to one area only to hear that Matt got a job somewhere else, we moved in with my parents.  That's right-- me, my boyfriend, and our two-bedroom-apartment's-worth of stuff moved into my parents house. We've been there for the last three weeks! My poor parents had to store everything in their garage, and we've been crashing with them ever since... hectic, sometimes hilarious, but overall we were just glad to have somewhere to stay while we figured everything out.

We're moving moving into our new apartment today and tomorrow. We signed a lease last week after Matt got a job, and now we're Raleigh residents once again! <3 this city :)

3. I got into a research conference!I was one of 150 graduate students who presented at the 5th Annual Graduate Research Symposium on Wednesday. I had to turn a paper I wrote into a research poster presentation, which was a BLAST. A lot of work. but a BLAST :)
Me Presenting :)

4. Internship, anyone?
I've spent a significant portion of many weekends working on an internship application for this summer position with the NC Domestic Violence Commission.  After a main application, 5 individual applications, three phone interviews and six cover letter/resume packets-- I got it! So this summer, I'll be in downtown Raleigh with a grownup job :)  Guess I'll have to trade in my pink, polka-dot lunch box...

5. Teaching! ...AlmostSo I just found out that next semester I'll be teaching not one but TWO classes!! I'll have two sections of ENG 332: Communication for Business and Management.  I'm beyond excited, but I'm also busy planning the syllabus and rubrics for everything.  My materials are due NEXT WEEK! Don't even ask me how much I have left to do...

6. Teaching the TeachersSo I've been working a lot on internet-based tutorials... you know, videos that teach people how to do stuff.  Well, some professors in the professional writing department that I TA for FLIPPED when they found out how easy it is to do, and they want me to hold a workshop! I'm going to be teaching all the teachers how to integrate video tutorials into their lesson plans. I can't WAIT!!

7. SIGDOC @ NCSUA group of students got together to form the first SIGDOC Student Chapter at NCSU (my school). SIGDOC is the Special Interest Group on Design of Communication.  Membership is only $35, and once you're a member you can listen in on all the awesome conference proceedings and learn about the up-and-coming technologies in the design of communication. Cool! So I've been working with them to get the chapter started... yesterday we hosted our "Launch Party" and we actually had a great turnout! We had the one thing that makes any student organization successful-- free pizza.

8. Part-Time What?Babysitting, Web Design, and refereeing... I've been working in a lot of part-time or contract work. It's been going really great, because it's so very helpful to have a little bit of extra cash when you're moving. And I love all the jobs I've been doing! But I definitely need some time this Spring Break to get caught up...

Anyway, those are all the excuses I have... 

Unfortunately, I haven't been knitting, cooking, blogging... which is sad, because those lovely hobbies are so fun and relaxing.  But, like I said, we're moving into our new apartment today and tomorrow (as long as the weather cooperates!!), and I have a feeling my life will be on track again here soon.

Then again... that's what I said in January.

Hope you all are having a GREAT March so far! Don't forget to let your clocks spring forward this Sunday :)

Your running-around,
kinda-hate-moving, kinda-love-moving, 
New Girl Blogger